An inspiring field of exploration, Integral Consciousness Studies focuses on integral understanding, holistic worldview, critical thinking, transformative empirical knowledge, practices, and various professional and training philosophies.

The Integral Consciousness Studies Program is an interdisciplinary academic and professional study that integrates specific aspects of neurobiology, the psychology of consciousness or transpersonal psychology, cognitive neuroscience, humanistic psychology, cognitive psychology, epigenetics, philosophy, and as nonviolent communication, lucid dream work, emotional intelligence, etc.

Students pursuing Integral Consciousness Studies develop an integrated understanding of the ontology and potentials of human consciousness. The emphasis is on developing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of consciousness open to a broad spectrum of perspectives from the scientific to the professional and from analytical to the transpersonal.

ICS Program provides integral knowledge to enhance erudition and skills to bridge the gap between studies and everyday life.

The ICS Masters and Doctoral degrees have been developed by the Transpersonal Psychology Institute in a collaborative partnership with Rushmore University and are offered as unique Programs.

More information on the graduate Integral Consciousness Studies on our international website ICS Graduate Program >>

Integral Consciousness Studies (ICS) Graduate Program’s primary purpose is to support your academic journey to a more precise, clearer, and deeper vision of human existence and the potential of human consciousness. Furthermore, since it is interdisciplinary in nature, the ICS Graduate Program offers you many opportunities and methods to apply the acquired knowledge in your work environment, relationships, and life in general.

The academic ICS Program advances a transformative way of learning, which goes beyond the well-known structures of the rational mind to include the deeper aspects of self-awareness, authenticity, and transpersonal states of consciousness.

It emphasizes the interconnectedness of seemingly dissimilar aspects of reality and focuses on understanding, exploring, and experiencing reality that relates to a deeper awareness and more authentic connections with others.

ICS Graduate Program supports your academic development as well as your inner lucidity. Working with your Professor one-on-one will allow you to overcome possible challenges on your way to graduation.

After successfully completing the Program, you will be granted a postgraduate degree, Master of Science in Integral Consciousness Studies (M.Sc. ICS) or Doctor of Philosophy in Integral Consciousness Studies (Ph.D. ICS).

ICS Program does not offer psychiatric support, psychotherapy, or any type of psychological counseling. 

More information on the graduate Integral Consciousness Studies on our international website ICS Graduate Program >>

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